Media Creator

A drag and drop software package that allows anyone to author touch table interactives involving tangible objects.

Authoring Solutions

What is Tangible Engine Media Creator?

The Tangible Engine Media Creator allows designers to create menus and add graphics associated with physical objects that rest directly on a touch­screen table surface. The Media Creator’s graphic user inter­face makes it easy to build tangible user inter­faces (TUI) for multi­touch tables.

Enhanced Productivity

Built for Easy, Rapid Prototyping

Using the Tangible Engine Media Creator, designers can do rapid prototyping of interactions and design before implementing full development. Text, images, colors, and typography can all be configured around a tangible object in seconds.

Screenshot of Media Creator application

Two Ways to Create

Media Creator + SDK

The Tangible Engine Media Creator is a standalone design & build tool that allows designers to create tangible applications for Ideum touch tables right out of the box. The Media Creator also ships with our Software Development Kit, which allows developers to construct entirely customized, from-the-ground-up tangible applications.

Unique Experiences

Trade Shows

Stand out in the crowded trade show market by showing your product to clients using innovative and engaging technology.

Food and Beverage

Wow guests by adding an interactive element to a dining or tasting experience.


Museum and science center visitors will love this combination of hands-on and cutting edge technology.

Endless Possibilities

Customized Tangible Objects

The bases of these tangible objects are made with 3D-printed conductive material in different patterns. These conductive bases can be integrated into more elaborate designs. We've developed wine and beer glasses, acrylic "totems," wooden coasters, and other interesting tangible objects.