Tangible Engine enables users to take advantage of specially engineered physical objects that can be recognized by Ideum touch-enabled products. The objects, called tangibles, are made of conductive material that mimics touches on the surface of a p-cap display. On the software end, the Tangible Engine is a windows service that runs in the background, awaiting the connection of client apps that require tangible recognition capabilities. A service model was chosen to enable Ideum to create and deploy fixes and new features without requiring clients to rebuild their own apps.

Included with the Tangible Engine service are a number of utilities, including bindings for both Unity and Qt Quick, a new Visualizer that features a diagonstic mode and vibrant demos demonstrating interesting uses for Tangible Engine, project templates that provide a quick starting point for your Tangible Engine project, and an advanced utility for training custom tangibles and creating custom profiles.

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