Beer flight experience enhanced with Tangible Engine.

Tangible Engine SDK

Software Develop­ment Kit (SDK)

The Tangible Engine Software Develop­ment Kit (SDK) is a simple yet powerful develop­ment environ­ment for Unity3d & C++. This first-of-its-kind SDK allows developers to connect events within applications to physical objects on the surface of a touch table.

What is the Tangible Engine SDK?

Tangible Engine SDK is an authoring package that allows developers to connect events within their application to physical objects on the surface of Ideum 3M™ touch tables.

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The Tangible Engine SDK

Endless Possibilities for Unique Experiences

Configure and Visualize

Configure & Visualize

Developers can easily introduce and test new tangibles, and assign properties to those objects, in a convenient GUI interface.

C++ and Unity3D

C++ & Unity3D

The Tangible Engine SDK allows C++ and Unity3D developers to easily add support for tangible objects into their workflow.

Multi-Display Capability

Multi-Display Capability

The Tangible Engine SDK can configure a set of tangible objects to work on up to four Ideum displays simultaneously.

Conductive Objects Included

Conductive Objects Included

Tangible Engine ships with 3D-printed pucks, as well as instructions for 3D printing, 3D print-ready files, and a list of conductive printing materials.

Designed for Devs

Designed for Devs

The SDK is highly optimized for efficiency, providing a low-latency solution for tangible object recognition and tracking.

Visit the Tangible Engine Wiki

Explore the capabilities and details of our SDK in the Tangible Engine documentation site.

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Working with the Tangible Engine SDK.

Built with Tangible Engine 

Ideum in collaboration with JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset, developed an innovative new way to experience the exclusive wines within the JCB Collection, using Ideum multitouch tables to digitally identify the placement of wine glasses.

Customized Tangible Objects

The bases of these tangible objects are made with 3D-printed conductive material in different patterns. These conductive bases can be integrated into more elaborate designs. We've developed wine and beer glasses, acrylic "totems," wooden coasters, and other interesting tangible objects.