Tangible Engine 1.5 is a highly optimized authoring package supporting the use of tangible object recognition on Ideum multitouch tables. Tangible Engine is the first authoring software of its kind to work with projected capacitive touch screens and now, Tangible Engine 1.5 is faster and more responsive. The system does not need or use cameras or optical sensors. Tangible Engine 1.5 can work on up to four displays simultaneously (see our video demonstrating multiscreen support).

Tangible Engine 1.5 consists of a Configurator / Visualizer utility and an SDK which allows developers to connect events within their application to objects on the touch table surface. The Configurator / Visualizer enables developers to customize tangible objects used in prospective applications. Developers can introduce new tangibles and assign properties to the objects. We provide the source code of the Configurator / Visualizer, allowing developers to better understand how the system works.

The Tangible Engine 1.5 SDK allows C++ and Unity3D developers to easily add support for tangible objects into their workflow. The SDK is highly optimized for efficiency providing a low-latency solution for tangible object recognition and tracking.

Tangible objects use conductive patterns and can be 3D printed. A set of tangible objects are included with each purchase, allowing developers to get started right away. In addition, instructions for 3D printing, including 3D files and a list of conductive printing materials, are provided.

Tangible Engine 1.5 is available with the purchase of a qualifying Ideum multitouch tables. The system is compatible with Ideum 43", 49", 55", and 65" 4K Ultra HD touch tables that incorporate 3M™ touch technology. Ideum is a leader in high-end integrated touch products designed for demanding environments such as public spaces. Fortune 500 companies, top universities, research labs, museums, and government agencies have selected Ideum products for their exceptional performance and quality.

The Tangible Engine software was first prototyped in 2014 and presented as the "Dynamic Desktop." This initial model relied on traditional conductive materials and the recognition was “hard-coded.” In 2015, Ideum developed a more robust version of the software and built an interactive wine tasting experience with JCB Wines. Just prior to the initial release of Tangible Engine, Ideum developed an interactive coffee experience with Starbucks. Tangible Engine builds upon the original functionality. It is now faster, more responsive, and has support for multiple screens.

Software and Support

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